Herbal Face Food Review – Does it REALLY Work?!

Herbal Face Food Reviews

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My Honest Herbal Face Food Review - Does It REALLY work as they say?!

I stumbled across Herbal Face Food Skin care products through a lady I followed on Instagram. I was AMAZED by her results from using it for a few months so I HAD to try it out myself! In this post, I will share with you my honest Herbal Face Food Review.
The Good, the bad, and the ugly (haha – not that there is 🙂)

I truly hope that you find this post useful – and that it stands out from all of the other Herbal Face Food Reviews out there 🙂

What is Herbal Face Food and how did it all start?

Herbal Face Food – is a unique skin care product company – that is 100% plant-powered! (Which means that they are 100% Natural ONLY!) – For me, that was a MUST because I don’t want to cause more harm to my skin than I already had from my pregnancies, sun exposure, and just the mom-hood life – haha.

The original products were created in the CEO’s (Michael) kitchen! He used to go to salons and tan – and because of the multiple exposures to the UV in those tanning beds – he had sun damage appear on his face. He was determined to find a natural solution to make the dark spots fade – therefore he hired an herbalist and they created the beta product in the Kitchen. 

At first – Michael gave the products to family and friends to try out – they saw results within a few days only! And from there the rest is history 🙂.


Herbal Face Food - The Best Anti-Aging Skin-Care Products on the market

The products contain 50+ world’s most powerful botanicals including the top 20 rarest, most expensive plant concentrates on the planet. This makes them the number 1 product that is ranked at the top of the ORAC scale (The ORAC scale is a measurement used to assess the antioxidant capacity of foods and supplements)

Here are only a few highly scored ORAC scale ingredients in the Herbal Face Food products

Astaxanthin – ORAC Anti-Aging Rating = 2,822,200

Clove – ORAC Anti-Aging Rating = 10,786,875

Myrrh – ORAC Anti-Aging Rating = 3,798,000

What Can the Herbal Face Food Skin Care Products Treat?

  • Acne
  • Dark Spots
  • Fine Lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Rosacea 
  • Melasma
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Extrem Sun Damage
  • Dark Circles
  • Dermatitis
  • Scarring
  • Lesions
  • Moles
  • Open Pores
Herbal Face Food Review - Herbal Face Food Discount Code

My Experience using Herbal Face Food for 2 months - Honest Review

The shopping and shipping experience. – 5 out of 5!

As a new customer – I had the option to get the products with a 30% discount! (Yay!)

The shipping was FAST and arrived in no time (I live overseas!)

The packaging was very well – nothing was spilled or broken in the shipping process.

All in all – I was very pleased!

Herbal Face Food

The products that I purchased and my personal thoughts

The Cure X

This product is the one that BLEW my mind! – it is a spot treatment serum which does what it claims to do! “A HEAL YOU CAN FEEL” – You can actually feel how the product “works” on those problem areas (Dark spots, fine lines, etc.) – For me it did wonders! I call it “Magic in a bottle” If you never used this product before – you might feel a slightly stinging sensation the first few days.(which I LOVED. Haha) – Why? Because the product truly works! Your skin starts to heal itself within.

The Serum 1

I found the serum to be less potent than “The Cure X” – which Herbal Face Food claims to be. Because it has fewer plants in it – but – it is also powerful! Don’t let this statement make you think that this product is “less” than the Cure X! I still could feel a “burning” sensation using Herbal Face Food The Serum 1 as well. And I think that what gave me AMAZING results was the fact that I used both of these products on a daily basis as one of my top-secret skincare routines! (If you would like to download all my top skin care secrets Click Here)

The Cream

This product was my least favorite. – Sorry – But I MUST be honest with ya’ll. The cream is great for protecting you from the sun (it has 50 SPF which is amazing) – but in all honesty, I didn’t find justice for the price or the product itself. It was too oily for my skin – and I had a few breakouts appear on my face because my skin was too oily. So I used it for a week and stopped. I will use The Cream – on the days when I know that I will be in the sun for most of the day.

The Cure X Soap

I didn’t order this on my first order – I added the soap bar only after a month of using the rest of the Herbal Face Food skin care products. The soap smells just like the Cure X does – and that’s because it has the same ingredients as the Cure X does 🙂. It even has the “burning” sensation which I really liked because it WORKS! 🙂

Herbal Face Food Pro’s and Con’s

I will start with the Pro’s first


All in all – I FELL in LOVE with these products and I am so HAPPY to share this with others!
If you are like me – I was so worried when I started to notice aging signs on my face at the age of 37. It seemed like my aging signs got worse and worse by the day! I was miserable and felt uncomfortable in my skin 🙁.

For me – These products CHANGED my skin within a few weeks! And it just blew my mind! It was noticeable. People started noticing a big difference. (for some reason my personal Before and after’s don’t justify the change!)

The Products DO what they claim to do! This makes these products 5 out of 5 stars!


The only Con for me was the price tag. For me it was a bit expensive – but I had to do something with my skin – I had to give it a try! And I am so HAPPY I did – because it gave me my skin back within weeks! Every time I look in the mirror I am AMAZED! It DOES make your skin look 10 years younger! I felt that my skin looked “alive” again if you know what I mean 🙂

From reading other Herbal Face Food Reviews – I read that some didn’t like the smell – it does have a strong smell – and for those that suffer from over smelling sensation – this product not might be a great fit for you – but in all honesty – I don’t mind the smell as long it works and makes me feel great!

Here are some Before and After’s from happy customers

Special Herbal Face Food Coupon Code: EVA30

If you are interested in placing your first order – don’t forget to use my special Herbal Face Food discount code: Eva30 to get 30% off your first order.

If you don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on the products – I highly recommend you start with 50ml of “The Serum 1” and a 10/30ml of “The Cure” – These products will give you AMAZING results!

The most potent Anti-Aging, Multi-Correction, Anti-Viral skincare product on the market. Period. 

You will feel our live ingredients at work. An activating flush and invigorating tingle are evidence of your skin healing at the cellular level and years of damage reversing.

Use code: Eva30 for 30% your order!

And if you would like to use these products monthly – it is highly recommended to subscribe – this will “lock in” the 30% off on your subscription!

I personally have a monthly subscription of “The Serum” 50ml and “The Cure” 10ml. Which is affordable.

Herbal Face Food also has a “Secret” product that has twice the potency of “The Cure X” and is more expensive. If you would like to place an order for this special product – Click Here. (REMEMBER TO USE MY HERBAL FACE FOOD COUPON CODE: EVA30 FOR 30% OFF)

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